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Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre

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Egyptian Numerology One-Time Report


Egyptian Numerology is a combination of ancient Numerology and Astrology, much simpler than other forms of numerology, exceptionally accurate and quite different. It offers doorways to your Soul, profound understandings and healing.  An unsurpassed tool to use in any healing practice, in fact, any area of your life.

The Egyptians believed in the importance of numbers. Numerology is the basis for all of the Mystery School Teachings.

Pythagoras declared, “Number is All’. The first ten numbers are considered to be seed patterns for all the principles of the cosmos. These numbers have a profound mystical symbolism that becomes explicit in the explanations. In Sacred Languages letters and numbers are interchangeable. Find out the hidden meaning of the Egyptian Numbers, what they mean in your life   Learn to use the inherent vibrations of numbers in your everyday life.

In Egyptian Numerology all numbers in your birthdate and your name are analyzed.  The interpretation of each number is differrent.

The study of numerology is the study of the sumbolism of numbers.  Each number represents one large area of human awareness and experience.  All the numbers together cover all possible awarenesses, experiences, talents and characteristics. 

This is an amazing in depth reading based on many areas of your life - your soul urge, your soul path, your Egyptian karmic lesson, what has your soul been trying to heal for many lifetimes, yoru name, your mental number, your personality, your destiny, your golden age and your karmic overview. 

If you would like an amazing chart specific to you, you will need to provide your full name and birthdate.  This reading takes a few hours to put together, so it will be emailed back to you within 48 hours of placing your order instead of the standard 24 for a reading.

This chart can be used throughout your lifetime.  See how your life has come to be and how it can change in the future.


Please provide your full name and your birth date.

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